Gender Equality



Under this project, 500 poor Women will be connected with banks by Self Help Group, who are living poverty line. Here training would be provided in the area of goat farming, organic manure, dairy, stitching, art of handicraft etc, for increasing their self-confidence level, livelihood growth and empowerment.


Rural mostly women of Rajasthan are uneducated, socially and economically weaker section and dropout from the school. This kind of rural women is mostly depending upon her husband or father for their needs. The poor and rural people included farmers dropout women's girls artisans communities forcible migrating to different places (Like sex trade, construction workers, daily wages etc.). Agriculture is also zero due to decreased water level.


Self help group will be helpful for increasing the confidence, unity, social awareness, understanding and leadership qualities among women. Skill development, capabilities enhancement and development of their living standard and livelihood are the important concerns which will be able to remove the poverty. Villagers will be more educated, development of the foundation education among children will be done, and last but not the least child marriage, dowry system and social evils will be ended

Long-Term Impact

Number of women, who are living poverty line, will be reduced. By the help of SHG, poor village women will get better quality of life and livelihood, which will be helpful to increase the socially and economically women empowerment. As a result, the future will be bright of these 500 women and their families


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